Posted on: September 21, 2009 6:49 pm

The Breakdown - Tony Romo

Everyone familiar with the team that plays under God's ever-watchful eye knows what the predictions are. No matter the spin prognosticators may apply, which really has no variety or input outside of missing T.emporary O.bedience, it seems the Cowboys are resigned to a 3rd place finish in the NFC East. So long ago was the overbearing dominance of Larry Allen lining up next to Erik Williams, yet the annual sting of unfulfilled expectations still remains as sharp as an exponentially folded Hatori Hanzo sword. For this 2010 season i have compiled my personal outlooks and questions for the 'Boys in blue. Hopefully this will help cut through most of the mob theory predicated on a losing season.

Tony Romo- The swashbuckler of the bunch. Romo's style is a mix of, you guessed it, Favre and Steve Young. Tony's improvisational skill and penchant for the big play is what make his comparisons to Favre solid. The other factors, that certain media outlets refuse to identify, are his patience in the pocket, accuracy, and mobility. These facets of his game are the measurements equated with Young. 
     The beauty of Romo's play is that his style can fit any moment, but the gut-wrenching factor is that the same style can cause Tony to force the moment instead of reacting to it. This seaon he has vowed to cut down on turnovers, as evidenced by his preseason display of two hands on the football at all times, and to spread the ball without prejudice. These proclamations, if true, is Steve Young's calling card. Young could improvise if needed, but reacted to the defense and chose his spots accordingly. When Romo's play mirrors this philosophy he will be absolutely deadly. 

     The December swoon is not a Romo thing, it's an offensive line thing that will be addressed at a later time. The questions of leadership are the queries that are valid. When the 2nd string Qb took over for Bledsoe, a team was galvanized and a fan base fell in love. A few seasons later, that team couldn't be led to put up a fight against one of their most respected foes for a playoff spot. The pressure is on again, but that infectious smile that exudes confidence and belief is back also. If Romo can deliver a good sermon in the form of a relentless offensive attack, that messiah question will be answered too.
Posted on: September 21, 2009 6:47 pm

A Simple Truth

     The Cowboys lost the game because they have yet to figure out how to seize the moment. Every chance the Cowboys had to get a 2-score margin in this game, they faltered. A tripping penalty, an interception, a pass interference call, etc. The Giants, as much as it hurts my soul to concede, have learned how to change momentum. They are a mentally tough team that won't beat themselves, but will readily beat on their opponents until the opposition wilts. If the Giants running game was working, there is no doubt that they would have ran it until Dallas figured out how to stop it. They would do that because they know how to build momentum and channel it by sticking with what is working. Dallas had a running game, but kept passing when the momentum on the ground was nigh overwhelming. The Cowboys didn't seize the moment, they didn't play smart football, and the momentum was never sustained. The Cowboys didn't give the game away, the Giants simply took it. The smart teams always take it.
     The crushing defeats over the last 2 years, even the loss to the Eagles, can be attributed to seizing the moment. Playoffs 2007 featured a dropped pass (potential backbreaker) by Crayton, an Eli Manning drive to close out the half, etc. The Steelers in 2008 featured costly interceptions that awarded the opponents points. The Ravens 2008... you get the point. Thus far the Cowboys have proven they can play with anyone, but haven't proven they have the resolve to stay with them. The talent is there, and the will is too for that matter. So the only question left is, "When's the point a team realizes they must be ready seize the moment".
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